Sunday, November 27, 2016

Post #3: Suebi

                                               Total War Rome II                                                  
                                                Post #3 : Suebi


       This is a very difficult faction to play as because of their units, they are mostly made of calv which makes microing very difficult. You start with a landlocked, fortified providential capital and are trying to push back against Boii attackers. Peace seems unachieveable here so you must try to capture their capital before they can move forces back to it. Germanic infantry is pretty garbage here so you'll probably will want to stick to calv until you have advanced enough to create units with shield walls. Missile/ skirmishing calv is essential when facing opponents like Boii, this is why they are so hard to play as. Defending cities is difficult to do because of the lack of strong infantry so you will  have to use towers and defensive siege equipment to your advantage. If you are looking for a challenge try out Suebi.

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