Sunday, November 27, 2016

Post #2 Sparta

                                             Total War: Rome II
                                             Faction: Sparta
                  My first introduction is going to be about the faction Sparta. Sparta is a minor settlement on a peninsula, it is bordered by Athens and although being surrounded by water, does not have a port. Sparta produces marble which increases trade income every turn. Because you lack a port, you must conquer Athens to trade with any faction besides them. Teaming up with Macedonia(Macedon) is an easy way to do this. Spartan units are pretty average when it comes to cavalry and missile units, what makes Sparta so powerful is their unique Pike men and Hoplites. Royal Spartan Hoplites are nearly unbreakable and have an extremely high charge defense, This makes defending cities very easy. Their pike men are also very hard to defeat unless flanked. So if you are looking for a good beginners faction, Sparta is probably your best choice. Spartans do not have much when it comes to missile units, so you are going to have to be very strategic in positioning and microing if you want slings to do anything more than bounce off of shields. One way to use slings effectively is to get the enemy to show their back, slings can wipe units if they flank the enemy because of their high amount of ammunition. You can use cheap cavalry to get behind the enemy and then trap them with your slings and cav, this will put the enemy unit in a very bad position. This is because if they try and charge your missile units, your cavalry will get an excellent charge and probably break the unit, but if they don't charge and turn to face your cavalry, your missile unit can pick them off.

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